ThermusQ> Genome

The complete genome sequences including the seqeuences of plasmid of different strains of T. thermophilus have been reported. The following list is the known genome seqeuneces of T. thermophilus strains. The sequencing effort is still going on.

Thermus strains

Strain Code Genome Assembly Chromosome Plasmid(s)
Thermus thermophilus HB8 ttj8 GCF_000091545.1 NC_006461 pTT27 , pTT8 , pVV8
Thermus thermophilus HB27 tth7 GCF_000008125.1 NC_005835 pTT27
Thermus thermophilus SG0.5JP17-16 tts6 GCF_000214845.1 NC_017272 pTHTHE1601
Thermus thermophilus JL-18 ttl8 GCF_000258245.1 NC_017587 pTTJL1801 , pTTJL1802
Thermus thermophilus TMY tmy0 GCF_019974155.1 NZ_AP017920 pTMY
Thermus thermophilus AA2-29 aa29 GCF_007165405.1 NZ_AP019794 pAA229
Thermus thermophilus AA2-20 aa20 GCF_007165645.1 NZ_AP019792 pAA220
Thermus thermophilus NAR1 nar1 GCF_900604845.1 NZ_LR027517 plasmid 2 , plasmid 3 , plasmid 4
Thermus thermophilus HC11 hc11 GCF_007182855.1 NZ_AP019801 pHC11
Thermus thermophilus HB5018 5018 GCF_016629545.1 NZ_AP024270 pHB5018b , pHB5018c , pHB5018d , pHB5018e
Thermus thermophilus HB5002 5002 GCF_016865275.1 NZ_AP024301 pHB5002b , pHB5002c , pHB5002d
Thermus thermophilus HB5008 5008 GCF_016865295.1 NZ_AP024305 pHB5008b , pHB5008c
Thermus oshimai JL-2 toj2 GCF_000309885.1 NC_019386 pTHEOS01 , pTHEOS02

Thermus phages

Strain Code Genome Assembly Chromosome
Thermus phage ϕYS40 ys40 Not available AP011616
Thermus phage ϕTMA ytma Not available AP011617